McMullen Circle

Gearing Up For AWP

I think AWP (annual conference of the Association of Writers and Writing Programs) will be chill this year. I don’t have a new book out so I don’t have to self-promote. I have an agent, so I don’t have to corner agents in the ladies’ room and push sample pages under the stall door. I’m not famous, so I don’t have to don dark glasses and act put-upon. I’m a 52 year old woman at whom no one is looking (power of invisibility) so I don’t have to spend money on new clothes. I’m meeting up with friends from LA so I’m bound to get a taste of the town. In looking at the panels I’m interested in, they fall into a few categories, all passions of mine: 1) diversity (how to write diverse characters and teach diverse students); 2) how to better teach creative writing; and 3) community-based writing programs.  Oh, and at least one on adapting novels to screen because it is California and dreamin’ is free. Last but not least, I’m staying in a nice hotel, something you other busy moms out there will appreciate. To borrow a cliche, it’s all good. See y’all in LA.